Tailor-made Treatments

Natasha consults with you to find out what your body needs, whether this be a Bowen treatment, work on a scar no matter how old or Thai bodywork.


The premise of Thai bodywork is to create space in the body so it can heal. Natasha uses a range of functional, purposeful movements and medicines to achieve this.


No body is the same, so neither are our treatments. But we can still give you some idea of how things work.

Treatments may include:


- subtle manipulation of the spine for low energy, poor digestion and back pain 

 - strong and deep compressions to release tight muscles and enhance performance

- applied yoga-like stretches to gain mobility and range of movement

- hot herbal compresses to soothe and penetrate muscle and fascia 

- visceral massage for digestive, hormonal and back care

- medicinal balms and liniments for injury treatment and prevention

- heart-mind release points for anxiety and depression 

- spoon-scraping for detoxification and fascial release

- neurovascular resetting for calming the nervous system, moving the blood, pain relief

- neuromuscular release points for spot specific pain relief and rehab

Thai Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage using Thai medicine ‘Nuat Boraen’, meaning Thai massage. 

Unlike any other modality, in Thai bodywork the practitioner utilises gravity to distribute and leverage their body weight to achieve deep tissue pressure using their hands, feet, elbows, palms, forearms and thumbs. 


We work through the layers of the body, preparing it for deep, meaningful work.

Assisted Yoga Stretches

The practitioner applies a series of precise and effective stretches and twists to the recipient’s passive body.

Through techniques such as gentle traction, range of motion and pin and stretch, the soft tissue and fascia release to create space and free up tight areas.

Targeted fascial stretches are also performed on the smaller muscle fibres that surround a joint, which is particularly beneficial for releasing pain. 

Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique is a non-invasive, effective and distinctive hands-on treatment, using gentle, specific and precise movements with the fingers or thumbs.

Soft tissue manipulation is designed to stimulate neurovascular pathways and affect the elastic structural system of fascia, while also stimulating those between the body, brain and gut.

During the treatment, you will be left to rest momentarily. Which is when the ‘magic’ happens. It seems that the combination of Bowen input and a break is what the body needs to start its natural recovery.

Herbal Medicine

Natasha handcrafts herbal medicine such as massage balms and liniments that are used in the session to complement movement, and relieve pain and tension. 

She may also make a herbal tea specifically for you, a medicinal inhaler, set up a herbal steam tent or suggest other herbals for your health. 

Some massage balms are also available to purchase. 

Herbal Compresses

You may think you’ve gone to heaven when you experience being massaged with these bundles of medicinal herbs.

They are steam-heated and used to massage the body. The heat and herbs penetrate through the muscle and bone, deeply relaxing, releasing and nourishing in every way. 

Cupping/Spoon Scraping

Cupping and spoon scraping are used to draw out toxins from deep within the body to the surface of the skin where they can be eliminated.

They are also effective for releasing pain, increasing flow of blood and lymph and releasing tight muscle and fascia. These are techniques found in most traditional practices around the world and can be used to help draw out congestion at the onset of a cold. 

Tok Sen

A wooden peg and mallet are used to tap gently on the channels of fascia in the body, causing a vibration that penetrates deep into the body.

The gentleness of the treatment, the percussive sound and reassuring rhythm is all very calming for the nervous system. Tok Sen is also used for enhancing the circulation of blood and nutrients, and to increase mobility. 

Pregnancy & Post-partum

We know that women need to take extra care of their changing bodies during pregnancy – and even more so after giving birth, when they are depleted. 

We take a modern approach to traditional and practical methods that help speed up recovery, while being nourishing and replenishing. These include pregnancy massage with a floral herbal compress, postpartum claypot, medicinal belly massage, belly binding, nutritional advice, traditional practices such as YUU FAI (by the fire), herbal showers and teas. 

Herbal Steam Tents

A unique and effective traditional practice specifically focused on women’s care. Women of all ages love this treatment for its deep healing properties – from teenagers to those in menopause and post-partum.

Carefully selected medicinal aromatic herbal recipes are used to open up the pores so the body can absorb their therapeutic benefits.    

The combination of steam and herbs is wonderful for general health, pain relief, cleansing, soft tissue injuries, detoxification, melting away knots and tension, fatigue, headaches, colds, respiratory complaints, emotional distress, deep rooted ailments and reproductive care.

Abdominal Massage

The belly is an often ignored area in other massage modalities, yet it plays an important role in Thai Medicine. It is home to so many vital organs and is, therefore, imperative to our core health, absorption, vitality and nervous system.

We use a specific belly oil and compresses to create space and 

health in your abdomen, helping with back pain, sleep, digestion, energy and much more.

Pricing / Bookings

Due to the bespoke nature of our work, we book time instead of specifics. Pricing will vary with the experience of your chosen practitioner. Discounted rates are applicable to package bookings, ask our team for more details. 

1 hour


spot specific treatment for relief of one problem area

1.5 hours


focused treatment for rehab and relief of a wider problem area

2 hours


spot specific on multiple problem areas or within a general full body treatment

Specialist Appointments

(with Natasha only)

Bowen - £65 p/h 

Herbal steam tents for women: 

£50 per 1/2 hour
£75 steam and belly massage combo (1 hour).  
£140 steam and belly combo with friend (1.5 hours/45min each)

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