Bespoke Bodywork
With a beautiful view of Brighton Beach. 

 Keeping it Simple

We all need a quiet, comfortable space to take time out, rest and repair – but soft pan-pipe music and a trickling water fountain aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

In other cultures, massage is a fundamental part of life. It’s common to see a child walking on their parent’s back, with ease and balance. A mum spoon-scraping a child’s back on the kitchen floor. A pregnant woman having her shoulders massaged while cats and dogs run among pots of cooking rice. 

At Health Space Brighton, we believe there is something reassuring about an everyday set-up for healing work. And while we may not be taking the raw, ‘kitchen medicine’ approach of our Thai heritage, we do like to keep things simple. Our pop-up clinic is straightforward, casual and cosy, with the familiar sounds of crashing waves and seagulls overhead. 


You’ll find us (for now) in the yellow shipping containers of the Sea Lanes, Brighton Beach, conveniently located next to Beach Box – a wood-fired sauna, and a wonderfully complementary experience following some bodywork

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