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Treat Your Body Well

You might be looking to relieve muscle tension and fatigue after exercise. Maybe you want some support with an injury or on-going aches and pains. Or perhaps you’ve been through pregnancy and childbirth, and want to feel like yourself again.

Natasha has a way of making people in pain feel good again. She helps people lead their best lives. 


She does this with tailor-made treatments that deeply nourish the body, allowing it to recover and rejuvenate naturally.


Natasha de Grunwald is a leading authority on Thai bodywork, Bowen technique and scar tissue release.  

Bespoke Bodywork

We combine Thai massage, Bowen technique and herbal medicine to create special treatments tailored for you. People come to us for many different reasons. They include back and joint problems, inflexibility, knee and stability issues, frozen shoulder and chronic pain. We also help people with anxiety and depression, menstrual irregularities, digestive complaints and a general lack of vitality. Another area is sports performance, for those who want to become more in tune with their bodies and raise their game in the water or on the land.

Thai Tradition

Thai Medicine is a complete health care system still fairly unknown in the West. Our practitioners honour a particular lineage of traditional Lanna doctors from northern Thailand, incorporating Thai anatomy and element theory. Bodywork can involve practitioners using their feet, elbows, palms, thumbs, forearms and knees, as well as fire cupping, making and using herbal compresses, scraping and scarf work.

‘A fantastic therapeutic massage! I went with issues with my knee. Using herbal compresses and a variety of deep tissue techniques, Natasha worked every part of my limb from hip to toe. The finishing touch was a fabulous neck, shoulder and mini head massage’

Jane Baker

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